Mold Flow Analysis

Five Reasons to Use Mold Flow Simulation Software for Injection Molding

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Are you leveraging mold flow simulation software to optimize your molds and injection molding process? You should be. Here’s why: injection molding is a complex process, and is subject to threats such as warping, uneven cooling, material defects, and much more. Historically, these challenges were only discovered through trial and error, leading to costly mold […]

Plastic Injection Molds

The Importance of Surface Finish, Texture, and Draft Angles in Injection Molded Part Design

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There are three aspects of plastic part design that are often overlooked, but crucial for manufacturing success: surface finish, texture, and draft angles. Understanding and optimizing each is critical for fabricating consistent, high quality plastic components efficiently. The first question that comes to mind: if these are so important, why are they often overlooked? We’re […]

Mold Maintenance

The Importance of Injection Mold Maintenance, and How To Do It

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Keeping your plastic injection molds properly maintained is crucial to the long-term success of any molding program. When doing so, you will drive down costs, reduce downtime, and keep deliveries on schedule, all leading to better profitability. Today, we’ll take a deeper look at the benefits of proper mold maintenance, and dive into some tips […]

P20 Soft Steel Plastic Molding Die

Choosing the Right Material for Injection Molding Molds: Aluminum vs. Soft Steel (P20)

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When it comes to creating prototype molds for injection molding, choosing the right material is crucial. Two common options for prototype mold construction are aluminum and soft steel (P20). Today, we’ll compare these two materials to help you make an informed decision. For the purposes of today’s discussion, we’ll be talking about “late stage” prototype […]

Self contained mold

Self-Contained Molds vs. Modular Insert Molds

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With plastic injection molding, there are two types of mold configurations that may be used: standard self-contained molds and modular insert molds. Today, we’ll compare the key aspects of both types. Self-Contained and Modular Insert Molds – Defined Let’s start with a definition for each. Self-contained molds consist of all components integrated into a singular […]

Regrind - Recycled Plastic

Benefits of Recycling Plastic for Injection Molding

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Scientists estimate that there are 5 trillion tons of plastic in the world’s oceans. FIVE TRILLION!* It’s hard to wrap your head around that number, isn’t it? Couple that with the ever-increasing global demand for plastic, and the oil it is derived from, and you have a perfect storm. Thankfully, plastic is recyclable. Today we’ll […]

Reduce Plastic Injection Molded Part Costs

5 Ways to Reduce Plastic Injection Molded Part Costs

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There’s one question that comes up in practically every call we have with prospects and customers lately. You’ve probably guessed it already: “How can we reduce cost?” It’s a fact. Every buyer wants to pay less for their injection molded parts, but without sacrificing quality. Thankfully, for many jobs, this is achievable if you know […]

Injection Molded Assembly

Benefits of Injection Molded Automated Assembly

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As demand continues to grow for plastic injection molded parts and components, so does their complexity. To help keep up with this demand and competition, automation has become an integral player in the injection molding process. Automation is particularly beneficial for customers requiring plastic molded assemblies. Traditionally, assemblies have been put together by hand, requiring […]

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services

How to Calculate the Right Press Size for Injection Molding

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To accomplish the highly technical process of injection molding plastic components, injection molding machines exert an extreme amount of pressure. The mold is subjected to two strong opposing forces, holding the mold open and forcing it closed. The pressure that pushes the mold together is called the clamping force, which is measured by tonnage. The […]

Plastic Injection Molded Inner Chamber

Blow Molding vs. Injection Molding

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Plastic molding is a manufacturing process used to produce a wide range of parts and products from plastic materials. Two of the most common plastic molding methods are blow molding and plastic injection molding. While both processes rely on similar principles—e.g., heating the plastic material and applying pressure—their end products are completely different; blow molded […]