CNC machining and injection molding are both excellent time-proven processes for producing quality components. Ultimately, selecting which one is best for a particular part depends on the application and its requirements. These primarily include: material types and properties, budget considerations, run size, and part complexity among others. Many customers choose Injection molding for its unique strengths including:

Injection Molding Benefits

  • High Volume Runs, Quickly – using injection molding can increase your output tremendously since you can utilize multi cavity molds. These consist typically of 16, 32, or 64 cavities. Every time the mold opens, you’re getting 16, 32 or 64 parts at once versus only one when using CNC machining.
  • Durable, Diverse Materials – thermoplastics, or engineered resins, are often better than steel thanks to benefits such as corrosion resistance, chemical tolerance, and lightweight properties. There are some high-end polymers that are very comparable to metal. Here at PDI, we use an extensive range of engineered resins such as glass filled, Peak, polyetherimide, and other glass or carbon filled thermoplastics
  • Complex Geometries – molding allows you to produce intricate designs with exceptional detail, perfect for today’s demanding applications.
  • Efficient Material Use – machining produces tons of metal chips during production. Conversely, injection molding uses enough material to make that part. Here at PDI, any excess plastic pieces, such as runners, are recycled in-line.
  • Cost Savings – several of the benefits listed contribute to a healthier bottom line. High volume runs bring reduced unit cost thanks to the economies of scale, while efficient material use helps keep material expenses in check.

CNC Machining Benefits

  • Short Runs – CNC is generally more cost effective for low-volume production, including highly customized one-off components.
  • Prototyping – CNC machining generally offers faster turnaround times for developing prototypes and testing designs before committing to high-volume production.

CNC Machining vs Injection Molding: Which Wins?

For early stage product development and unique or short run parts, CNC has its place. When higher volumes are required, plastic injection molding can’t be beat.

To find out how injection molding can save money by replacing your current machined parts, contact us today.